Anushka Sharma Baby Name ‘Akaay’ – Virat Kohli’s 2nd Child

Anushka Sharma Baby Boy

Anushka Sharma Baby Boy: Bollywood superstar actress Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat Kohli have become parents once again. For a long time, there were reports that Anushka Sharma is going to become pregnant for the second time, but the actress herself put an end to all these rumors on 15th February. Anushka Sharma Baby Name ‘Akaay’. He shared this information on his social media account. She has once again given birth to a baby boy. He has shared this happy moment with his fans through an Instagram post. Let me tell you that he has named his son Akaay.

What does Akaay mean?

ज ‘Akaay’ is a derivative of the Sanskrit word ‘kaaya’ which means ‘form or shape’. ​So Akaay means something which is infinite, without any particular shape.

Akaay Name Meaning in Hindi

जो बिना शरीर या काया के हो, काया-रहति, या देह रहित. अकाया का मतलब शरीर धारण न करने वाला यानी अजन्मा. या आकार और रूप से रहित- निराकार कहते हैं.

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